Growing? Create your real estate analysis with full consideration for tax shelter.

brokers closing investment property sale Show the property's 'before' and 'after-tax' cash flows and rates of return.

EXECUTIVE 10 software includes full consideration for the elements of tax shelter and time value of money for the deepest-level analysis.

Executive 10 software automatically computes all federal income taxes based upon the depreciation schedule you select, as well as the federal income tax rates you enter in the appropriate form. Simply make your entries in our user-friendly forms. We will make all the necessary 'after-taxes' computations and post them to the appropriate reports automatically.


Executive 10 was developed in 2005 at the request of our customers who are more actively engaged with real estate investing as a business they plan to build or grow over the long-term.

Depreciation Schedule Selections

  • Residential (27.5 years)
  • Commercial (39.0 years)
  • Mixed Use (a combination of both schedules)

Tax Rate Assignment Form Entries

  1. The investor's marginal tax rate
  2. The capital gains tax rate
  3. The cost recovery recapture tax rate

Key Returns & Measures

  • Cap Rate
  • Cash on Cash (C-o-C)
  • Gross Operating Income (GOI)
  • Cash Flow After Tax (CFAT)
  • Cash on Cash (after taxes)
  • Annual Depreciation
  • Tax Liability (or loss)
  • Sales Proceeds (after taxes)
  • Net Present Value (NPV)
  • Internal Rate of Return (IRR)
  • Financial Management Rate of Return (FMRR)

Key Quality Reports & Charts

  • APOD
  • Acquisition
  • Proforma Income Statement
  • Return on Equity
  • Sales Proceeds
  • Executive Summary
  • Acquisition Funding chart
  • Internal Rate of Return chart
  • AND MORE (view complete list)


Comparable Market Analysis
Cover Sheet
Down Payment Sensitivity
Executive Summary
Marketing Package
Monthly Cash Flow
Photo Page
Price Sensitivity
Proforma Income Statement
Rent Roll Report
Rent Scenarios
Return on Equity
Sale Proceeds

Amortization Schedule (annual)
Amortization Schedule (monthly)
Loan-to-Interest Table

Acquisition Funding (chart)
Internal Rate of Return (chart)
Net Present Value (chart)
Return on Equity (chart)
Sale Proceeds (chart)

Special Tools & Features

  1. Price Analyzer tool (screenshot)
  2. Flash-form tool (screenshot)
  3. Passive loss option...


"Losses carried forward" is the default setting. However, from the toolbar, you are given the option to select "Losses taken currently". You can always switch back just as easily.

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ProAPOD is a terrific software program for rental property analysis presentations that I refer to clients all the time.

William Crawford

William D Crawford, CCIM

Crawford & Associates, LLC
Greenville, SC

open quotation mark

James, you have the best real estate analysis forms and templates that I have found available anywhere.

barrie white

Barrie White, Realtor©/Consultant

RE/MAX Palm Realty Inc
Port Charlotte, FL

open quotation mark

Fantastic real estate analysis presentation layouts that are far superior to any other software programs I've examined.

Jason Boone

Jason Boone, CRIS

Duke Warner Realty
Bend, OR

open quotation mark

I have been using ProAPOD software for years and have always found it beneficial for myself and for my clients. The 'price sensitivity' and 'rent scenario' features are especially useful when trying to decide a property's selling price or the most I would be willing to pay for it. Thanks for providing such a valuable program.

Jon-David Johnson

Jon-David Johnson, Owner/Broker

J.D. Johnson Realty & Investment, LLC
Madison, MS

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