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AGENT 6 provides the perfect investment software solution for real estate investing newbies who want to get started analyzing income property cash flows, rates of return, and profitability accurately and successfully, but at the lowest price possible.

Agent 6 is able to do this by eleminating the more robust tax shelter elements like those included in our Executive 10 software, and instead, limiting it's computations for cash flow and rates of return to "before-taxes".


Such things as: depreciation expense, capital gains tax, investor's tax rate, mortgage interest, cash flow after taxes (CFAT), etc.

The concept is straightforward. Not everyone doing a real estate analysis on rental income property requires consideration for tax matters to succeed. In fact, we have discovered that many investors prefer to disregard tax matters altogether, at least initially.

Therefore, if you're new to real estate investing, or plan only to work with rental property on a limited basis, why not see how it goes first? You can always upgrade later.


As a current Agent 6 user, you can Upgrade your software to Executive 10 at anytime for just $130.00. Purchase in our store and two downloads for Executive 10 will be added to your account immediately following your purchase.
Note: Install on any two computers where Agent 6 currently resides.

Okay, but don't misunderstand. Agent 6 is no slouch. On the contrary. Agent 6 is a powerful and innovative real estate analysis software program with outstanding reports and features currently trusted by over one thousand real estate investors and agents nationwide.

Key Returns & Measures

Here is just a sampling of the returns and measures Agent 6 software includes for your real estate analysis. Each is automatically calculated and posted in the appropriate reports.

  • Cap Rate
  • Gross Rent Multiplier (GRM)
  • Cash on Cash (C-o-C)
  • Operating Expense Ratio
  • Break-even Ratio (BER)
  • Debt Coverage Ratio (DCR)

Quality Reports

Comprehensive investment analysis reports created in Agent 6 software. Click the link below to see the complete list.

  • APOD
  • Proforma Income Statement
  • Rent Roll
  • Monthly Cash Flow
  • Property Photo Page
  • Marketing Package
  • AND MORE (view all)


Comparable Market Analysis
Cover Sheet
Down Payment Sensitivity
Marketing Package
Monthly Cash Flow
Photo Page
Price Sensitivity
Proforma Income Statement
Rent Roll Report
Rent Scenarios
Sale Proceeds

Amortization Schedule (annual)
Amortization Schedule (monthly)
Loan-to-Interest Table

Sample Presentations

Property Analysis
(click image to open, PDF)
(opens in new tab)

One-page Marketing Package
(click image to enlarge)

Special Tools & Features

  1. Price Analyzer tool (screenshot)
  2. Canadian loan amortization option...


You have the option to have ProAPOD compound your mortgage(s) semi-annually the way they do in Canada. Simply select the option in the appropriate loan information (LoanInfo) form, and all mortgage payments will be properly computed.

"I can truthfully say that if you came into my office and tried to take ProAPOD back, I would gladly give you twice the price to go away...Even my clients want it!"

customer image

Don Madsen, Principal Broker

Crown Real Estate Group
Salem, OR

"I am very happy with ProAPOD. It is easy to understand and gives me a quick way to effectively analyze rental properties for my clients. I would recommend this program to anyone."

customer image

Perry James, Broker/Property Manager

Signal Property Management, Inc.
Naples, FL

"ProAPOD provides the higher degree of professionalism I seek for my business and thereby has proven to be a true benefit."

customer image

Jack Brandmeier, GRI

Real Estate One
Ann Arbor, MI

"ProAPOD enabled me to wow clients with my first presentation...Two big thumbs up for an awesome software program!"

customer image

Mike Vego

Murray Brown Real Estate
Salem, OR

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I try Agent 6 on a trial basis?

There are no trial versions in place, but contact me via email so we can discuss further.

How much is it to upgrade my Agent 6 solution to Executive 10?

As of today you would pay just $130.00. In other words, you are charged only the difference between both retail prices.

Can I install the Upgrade on any computer I wish?

Yes, as long as Agent 6 is already installed on it. The Upgrade requires Agent 6 to already exist on the computer to work.