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Pro RE Calculator is an online suite of 62 calculators designed to streamline the same type of computations you would perform on a traditional financial calculator, but with far less effort and in a fraction of the time.

For unlike hand-held financial calculators, which often require many frustrating and time-consuming data entries per calculation, Pro RE Calculator only requires a few entries in a user-friendly form.

But there's more. In addition to simplifying real estate calculations to save you time and effort, Pro RE Calculator provides a learning solution with definitions and formulas, plus other special features, including 24/7 access on your phone, tablet, or desktop, print capabilities, responsive screen sizes, free updates, and a 5-day trial with a 100% money-back guarantee.


The 62 calculators are organized into five categories. The number of calculators in each category is in parenthesis:

  1. Mortgages (16)
  2. Time Value (13)
  3. Cash Flows (5)
  4. Tax Shelter (9)
  5. Investment (19)


Here is just a sampling of the 62 calculators included in this program. Click the link below to preview the full list.

  • Cash on Cash (CoC)
  • Cap Rate
  • Internal Rate of Return (IRR)
  • Net Present Value (NPV)
  • Property Valuation
  • Depreciation Allowance
  • Taxable Income
  • Taxes Due to Sale
  • Monthly Payment
  • Inflation Rate
  • AND MORE (see all 62 calculators)...

    Additional Payment (interest saved)
    Annual Appreciation Rate
    Annual Percentage Rate (conventional fixed-rate)
    Bi-Weekly Payment (interest saved)
    Canadian Monthly Payment (PI, w/amortization table)
    Canadian Monthly Payment (PITI)
    Maximum Mortgage (desired monthly payment and loan terms)
    Maximum Purchase Price (desired monthly payment, down payment and loan terms)
    Monthly Payment (PI w/amortization table)
    Monthly Payment (PITI)
    Monthly Payment (interest-only)
    Monthly Payment (private lender, 12-month or less. w/amortization table)
    Mortgage Balance (based upon number of payments made)
    Mortgage Qualification (based on your income and expenses)
    Mortgage Refinance (interest saved)
    Rent vs. Buy

    Time Value:
    Present Value (of a future value amount)
    Future Value (of a present value amount)
    Compound Rate (rate required to achieve a future value amount)
    Years (number of years to achieve a future value amount)
    Multiple Payments (present value of even future value payments)
    Multiple Payments (present value of uneven future value payments)
    Annuity Deposit (future value of equal uniform deposits)
    Annuity Deposit (number of years for deposits to reach a future value amount)
    Annuity Payment (deposit required to collect desired future payments)
    Annuity Payment (payment collectible from money on deposit)
    Payment Plans (present value for two payment plan options)
    Sinking Fund (deposits required to collect a future lump sum)
    Inflation Rate (1913 - present)

    Cash Flows:
    Financial Management Rate of Return (FMRR)
    Internal Rate of Return (IRR)
    Modified Internal Rate of Return (MIRR)
    Net Present Value (NPV)
    Profitability Index (PI)

    Tax Shelter:
    Depreciation Allowance (full year of ownership)
    Depreciation Allowance (purchase and sale years w/mid-month convention)
    Taxable Income (income subject to taxation by evaluation year)
    Cash Flow After Taxes (income after payment of taxes by evaluation year)
    Return on Equity (after-tax return by evaluation year)
    Adjusted Basis (adjusted tax basis by evaluation year)
    Gain on Sale (taxable profit by sale year)
    Taxes Due to Sale (tax liability by sale year)
    Sale Proceeds (after-tax proceeds by sale year)

    Cap Rate
    Gross Rent Multiplier (GRM)
    Net Income Multiplier (NIM)
    Property Valuation (using cap rate)
    Property Valuation (using gross rent multiplier)
    Property Valuation (using net income multiplier)
    Cash on Cash Return (COC)
    Market Value Return (annual rate of return due to change in property value)
    Loan-to-Value Ratio (using loan amount)
    Loan-to-Value Ratio (using down payment)
    Debt Coverage Ratio (DCR)
    Break-Even Ratio (BER)
    Operating Expense Ratio
    Payback Ratio
    Acquisition Cost (cash requirement)
    Sale Proceeds (cash collected before taxes)
    Fix 'n Flip (profit and return on investment for short-term rehab)
    Fix 'n Flip (70% of ARV rule for short-term rehab)
    Rule of 72 (number of years for property value to double)


sample cash on cash calculator
Fig.1 Pro RE Calculator - Cash on Cash Return Calculator
sample cap rate calculator
Fig.2 Pro RE Calculator - Cap Rate Calculator
sample depreciation allowance calculator
Fig.3 Pro RE Calculator - Annual Depreciation Allowance Calculator


The following videos will give you an idea of how easy it is to make a calculation.

NOTE: These are older videos so they refer to 60 calculators (which have since been increased to the current 62), and our previous name "iCalculator" (which has since been changed to the current "Pro RE Calculator").

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How does Pro RE Calculator compare to the software solutions?

This is a calculator when you want to make one specific computation. Both Agent 6 and Executive 10 are robust software solutions that create reports with multiple auto-generated computations.