ProAPOD answers frequently asked questions about its software and calculator solutions

Software: Agent 6, Executive 10

Do the solutions come on CD or is it a download?
Agent 6 and Executive 10 are each software solutions that you must download and then install on your computer. You will receive an email with installation instructions minutes after your purchase.

I downloaded the program but can't find it on my computer?
Your web browser (i.e., Firefox, Chrome) probably put it in a temporary file. Use your computer's "search" command to locate it. Here is the list of our three .exe file names you must search for.

  • AGENT 6: ProAPOD_basic.exe
  • EXECUTIVE 10: ProAPOD_cfa.exe
  • UPGRADE: ProAPOD_b2cupgrade.exe

NOTE If it doesn't turn up then contact me.

Can I install the program on more than one computer?
Yes. You can install the two downloads on any two computers you wish as long as they have Windows and Excel installed.

Is it okay if my associate downloads and uses one of my installs?
Yes. We don't monitor where the program is installed. Just bear in mind that you might want that second download yourself sometime in the future.

Is there a time limit on my installs?
No. You can install them whenever you wish.

Will ProAPOD work with Win 7 and Win 8?
Yes, ProAPOD is compatible with all the newer Windows platforms.

Will ProAPOD work with Excel 2013?
Yes, ProAPOD is compatible with all the newer Excel programs.

Will ProAPOD work on a MAC?
No. Not unless your hard drive is partitioned and includes both a Windows operating system and Excel. Read more here at [Customer Support].

Can I email the investment property analysis reports I create in ProAPOD?
Yes, but it does require a third-party software program. Here are two with a favorable rating and FREE. You only need one.

Do you include a Help file?
Yes. Open the program and click Help > Online Help. Or, click here.

Do you provide tutorials?
Yes. You will links to tutorials in ProAPOD Help > Online Help. You can also view several support videos by clicking here: [Open Video List]

Does ProAPOD come with free technical support?
Yes, all ProAPOD tools and programs include free telephone support.

Does ProAPOD contain macros?

What are macros?
Macros are procedures that make the program function. For example, our toolbar works as the result of macros.

Are the macros in ProAPOD safe?
Yes. Absolutely 100% safe.

When I open the program I get a message that prompts me to accept you as a trusted source before it will enable macros. What does that mean?
This occurs when the security level you have set for Excel is set to MEDIUM or HIGH. By checking me as a "trusted source" the program opens correctly and the message does not appear again.

Is ProAPOD digitally signed?

Do you provide a trial?
Not really. But contact me if you're seriously interested and we will work something out.

Calculator: Pro RE Calculator

How do I download the Calculator?
You don't. Pro RE Calculator is not a software download. You access it online by logging in from our website.

Will I receive a CD?
No. Pro RE Calculator is an online solution you can open simply by logging in.

After my purchase I was not able to open the calculator, why?
Right after you purchase Pro RE Calculator you must log out to close the session. Then log back in and you will be taken directly to the appropriate page to access Pro RE Calculator.

How do I open the calculator?
Open the ProAPOD web site and click the Login button in the upper-right toolbar then enter your email and password.

Does Pro RE Calculator require subscription or renewal fees?
No. You make a one-time payment for 24/7 access.

Will I have to pay when Pro RE Calculator is updated?
No. You are never charged when we add new functions or features.

Can I print from the calculator?
Yes, but it's not dynamic. You print only a screenshot of the form and results. But it will provide you with something you can file away for future reference. So it can serve a useful purpose.