Excel Settings Checklist for ProAPOD

Follow these steps to properly make the Excel settings required for ProAPOD to perform correctly. This only needs to be done once.

Step 1

In the "Excel ribbon", click File

click File

Step 2

In the "File menu", scroll down and click Options

click Options

Step 3

In the "Excel Options" menu,

  • Click Save
  • Under Save workbooks, "Save files in this format:", select Excel 97-2003 workbook (*xls)
  • Note Ignore alert. Any features lost will not effect the program.
click Save

Step 4

In the "Excel Options" menu,

  • Click Customize Ribbon
  • Under Main Tabs, check Add-ins
click Customize Ribbon

Step 5

In the "Excel Options" menu,

  • Click Trust Center
  • Under Microsoft Excel Trust Center, click Trust Center Settings
click Trust Center

Step 6

In the "Trust Center" menu,

  • Click Macro Settings
  • Under Macro Settings, select Enable all macros...
  • Under Developer Macro Settings, check Trust access to the VBA project object model
  • Click OK
click Trust Center


If you followed each step correctly, the program should work correctly. If not, try rebooting your computer. That has worked for several users.