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AGENT 6 is the real estate analysis software program we designed for brokers, agents, investors and other real estate analysts looking for a software solution to just start working with rental income property,

Everything you need is here.

You get an extensive range of built-in real estate investing formulations that compute in real-time as you enter your data. So you can be assured that all the vital cash flows and rates of return are computed accurately and instantly posted into every report automatically. You simply complete the user-friendly forms, select the reports you want to share, and then print.

You get innovative tools like our Price Analyzer to help you determine a property's fair market price. And dynamic elements like our one-click picture function that enables you to effortlessly include property pictures and company logo to reports like the Marketing Package.

You get a complete name rider with full contact information posted on the Cover Sheet along with your name posted into the header of every report automatically. You simply complete one form and our software does the rest!

In this solution you also have dual loan amortization options. In additon to USA amortization, the software will automatically compute the loans according to Canadian amortization.Canadian loans are compounded semi-annually rather than monthly like US loans.

AGENT 6 is the real estate investing software solution we recommend for brokers and investors who want everything to conduct a real estate analysis correctly and professionally without a need to consider tax shelter and time value of money.


  • Complete before-tax real estate investing formulations
  • Superior real estate analysis and marketing presentations
Returns & Measures
  • Cap Rate
  • Gross Rent Multiplier
  • Cash on Cash Return
  • Operating Expense Ratio
  • Break-even Ratio
  • Debt Coverage Ratio
  • APOD
  • Pro Forma
  • Rent Roll Report
  • Photo Page
  • Comparable Market Analysis
  • AND MORE ( see all )
  • Integrated name-rider and company logo
  • Canadian loan amortization option
  • Price Analyzer Tool

ProAPOD enabled me to wow clients with my first presentation...Two big thumbs up for an awesome software program

Michael Vego
Coldwell Banker Mountain West

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  • Price: $149.95

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