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EXECUTIVE 10 is the comprehensive investment real estate software solution we designed for agents, real estate investors and other analysts more actively engaged with investment properties as an ongoing business.

Executive 10 was developed at the request of customers using our real estate agent software who wanted the ease of our software but with the ability to evaluate and market residential and commercial real estate property with calculations for the elements of tax shelter and time value of money.

Executive 10 is our real estate investing software solution that provides you with the greatest value. In addition to tax shelter and time value consideration, it calculates three separate real estate depreciation schedules, additional rates of return, and includes expanded real estate analysis reports, charts, two separate marketing reports, and four exclusive features and options.


  • Cash flow analysis and marketing
  • Residential, commercial and multi-use depreciation option
  • Passive loss option
  • User picture insertion


  1. Assumptions
  2. Acquisition
  3. APOD
  4. Proforma Income Statement
  5. Rent Roll Report
  6. Rent Scenarios
  7. Monthly Cash Flow
  8. Price Sensitivity
  9. Down Payment Sensitivity
  10. Comparable Market Analysis
  11. Return on Equity
  12. Sale Proceeds
  13. Executive Summary
  14. Marketing Package
  15. Cover Sheet
  16. Photo Page
  17. Amortization Schedule (annual)
  18. Amortization Schedule (monthly)
  19. Loan-to-Interest Table
  20. Acquisition Funding (chart)
  21. Internal Rate of Return (chart)
  22. Net Present Value (chart)
  23. Return on Equity (chart)
  24. Sale Proceeds (chart)

Returns & Measures

  • Capitalization Rate
  • Gross Rent Multiplier
  • Cash on Cash Return
  • Net Present Value
  • Internal Rate of Return
  • Return on Equity
  • Tax Liability (or loss)
  • Financial Management Rate of Return
  • Accumulation of Wealth


bill crawford

"ProAPOD is a terrific real estate investment software program that I refer to my colleagues and customers all the time"

Feel the Power!

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  • NO subscription or renewal fees!
  • FREE developer support!
  • Price: $279.95


Does Executive 10 include everything in the other two solutions?
Yes, other than Canadian loan amortization (Agent 6) and the formula learning center (Investor 8). Executive 10 is our ultimate real estate investment analysis software.