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The following videos were created to help novice agents and investors learn real estate investing concepts and formulas.

Note These were recorded several years ago, so please forgive the quality. Plus, a very early version of Pro RE Calculator was also used, so be sure to checkout the more awesome current version that now includes sixty-two calculators.


How to Calculate Cap Rate
The cap rate definition, formula, and application to a situation you may encounter during the course of your real estate investing activity.

How to Calculate the Mid-Month Convention
Learn how to compute the mid-month convention required by the tax code that real estate investors must understand is applied to their rental property depreciation allowance.

How to Calculate Cash Flow After Tax
Discover the meaning about "cash flow after tax (CFAT)" and learn how to make the calculation.

Financial Management Rate of Return
How to calculate the financial management rate of return quickly and easily online with Pro RE Calculator by ProAPOD. This rate is taught by CCIM and typically requires a hand-held financial calculator.

How to Compute Break-Even Ratio
The breakeven ratio (BER) is explained along with how to make the calculation.

So You Know

You can compute sixty-two real estate calculations just like these online 24/7 in our Pro RE Calculator suite of real estate calculators!