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Vista and newer Excel programs now require customers to manually resolve several issues for programs like ProAPOD to perform correctly. We have provided step-by-instruction articles and videos. The solutions are easy and required only one time.

1. Enabling Macros
Macros MUST always been enabled for ProAPOD's toolbar commands, data computations and user forms to operate correctly.

2. Displaying Our Toolbar
Our customized toolbar MUST be displayed and used to perform all functions in ProAPOD each time you open the program.

3. Saving as Excel 97-2003 Workbook
If prompted, save ProAPOD projects as an Excel 97-2003 Workbook and ignore any alert that suggests some functions may not work properly.

Combined List: 1-3
The three steps above are combined in this one article entitled Excel Settings: Checklist.

4. Granting Yourself File Permission
You MUST grant yourself "permission" to work with the ProAPOD program folder in order to save your projects. You can resolve in less than three minutes.

5. Emailing Reports
To email a report(s) requires a third-party software program that converts to PDF. A free program you might consider is PDFCreator (opens in a new window).

6. Other (maybe) Issues

  • Can't Locate Our File on Your Computer?
    Use your computer's "search" command to locate it. We have provided a list of the various .exe file names to search for. File names (by solution).

  • Getting a Password Prompt When Closing ProAPOD?
    This is a rare occurrence that has happened just 3-4 times in the past seventeen years. Here's an article written by Jon Peltier that addresses it along with some suggested fixes. Jon Peltier article (opens in new window).

  • Printing Multiple Pages?
    This is typically because you printed from Excel's toolbar and not our toolbar. You MUST always use the Print command on our toolbar. We have provided a screenshot for your convenience. Our Print command.

  • Vista "fails to read" ProAPOD?
    Although not an issue with our customers, here's an article presentation provided at the Microsoft Windows support site just in case. MS article (opens in a new window).

  • Win XP & Excel 7 Compatibility Issues?
    This has not been an issue with our customers either, but here's the article provided on the Microsoft Support site just to be safe. MS article (opens in a new window)


ProAPOD can only be installed and run on a partitioned portion of your MAC hard drive that contains both Windows and Excel. Here are several ways others suggest how to partition your hard drive (free and not-free). ProAPOD has not verified either method, however, and recommends that you discuss it with a MAC technician.

  1. "BootCamp" (free). The Boot Camp utility is included with Mac OS X and can be found in the Utilities folder within the Applications folder. The links below provide additional insight (link opens in a new window):
  2. Related Discussions. Other sites discovered on the web on this subject are provided below (links open in a new window):

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