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Create a Rental Property Analysis at Your Fingertips in MINUTES!

Create a Rental Property Analysis in MINUTES!

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ProAPOD real estate investment software provides brokers, agents, real estate investors, and other analysts with the ability to create the rental property cash flow, rates of return and profitability analysis reports needed to make informed real estate investing decisions.

The program collects the revenue and expense data on user-friendly forms, automatically makes all the necessary calculations, and then creates a full range of elegant and comprehensive reports that are ready to print and present when you are.

Any property type. Work with both multifamily and commercial property regardless of size. Our real estate investing software solutions are designed so you can evaluate small single-family rentals and duplexes or large apartment complexes, as well as small and large office and other commercial property types.

Any user type. Developed by a former realtor with over thirty years investment property experience, our software is framed precisely so anyone (experienced or not) can create professional-quality cash flow analysis and marketing presentations easily, quickly, and concisely. Simply fill in the forms and print.

Proven since 2000. ProAPOD continues to be the real estate investment analysis software brokers, agents and investors nationwide rely upon to start, build, or grow their rental property investing business.

Award winning. ProAPOD was featured by REALTOR®Magazine as their "Cool Tool" selection in May 2003 after a careful examination of our benefits and value.

Built-in Benefits

  • User-friendly
  • Easy data entry
  • Concise, elegant reports
  • Any number of units
  • Multifamily and commercial property
  • Multiple loan options and amortization
  • Revenue forecasting
  • Capital addition inclusion


  • Automatic "real time" calculations
  • One-click picture and logo insertion
  • Automatic name rider integration
  • Seamless printing (or PDF)
  • 1,000+ Satisfied customers


Choose Your Solution

  • Agent 6 - The more affordable evaluation and marketing solution without tax and time value consideration.
  • Executive 10 - The more robust evaluation and marketing solution with full tax shelter and time value of money consideration.

Feel the Power

  • TWO licensed downloads for ANY two computers!
  • INSTALL immediately after purchase!
  • NO subscription or renewal fees!
  • FREE telephone support!
  • Get started TODAY!

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