Customer Support: Videos

proapod software icon Step-by-step instructional videos to help you resolve ProAPOD issues!

These videos highlight nine tools, functions and features that ProAPOD provides. Click title to open. Most show earlier versions software solutions, so you may see variations in appearance. But same rules apply. (Please excuse the quality).


1. How to Grant Yourself File Permision
Agent 6 & Executive 10
Shows how to grant yourself file permission when using ProAPOD Real Estate Investment Software. This has been a requirement imposed on users running Excel applications like ProAPOD since Microsoft introduced Vista. (2:51 min).

2. How to Email Reports
Agent 6 & Executive 10
Describes how to print multiple rental property analysis reports into one PDF document that can be emailed to colleagues and/or real estate investors. (2:45 min).

Using the Program

1. The PropInfo Form
Executive 10 shown (but similar for Agent 6)
How to use the Category and Type selections when entering property information data in our Prop Info form (4:39 min).

2. The Flash-form Tool
Executive 10 only
The Flash-form is a feature that makes it easy for you to evaluate the returns on a real estate investment property without completing the forms. So it's an ideal way to compare multiple properties quickly (3:15 min).

3. The Price Analyzer Tool
Agent 6 & Executive 10
The Price Analyzer is an innovative tool in our software that easily enables you to determine a rental income property value based upon various rates of return and rental income scenarios. A great way to enlighten buyers and sellers (6:25 min).

4. The Photo Function
Agent 6 & Executive 10
The dynamic one-click photo function included in both real estate investment software solutions that make it very easy for you to post property pictures in your rental property analysis presentations (5:33 min).

5. The Rent Roll Report
Agent 6 & Executive 10
A look at the special rent roll report available to you in both our rental property analysis software solutions (5:40 min).

6. The Rent Scenarios Feature
Agent 6 & Executive 10
The rent scenarios feature in both our software solutions make it possible for you to create cash flow assumptions based upon various rent scenarios (4:38 min).

7. The Sensitivity Analysis Feature
Agent 6 & Executive 10
ProAPOD provides both, a Price and Down Payment Sensitivity Analysis report. These are a great way for analysts to gauge a rental income property's performance based upon changes in just one investment variable (6:27 min).