How to Enable the Macros in Your ProAPOD Software Solution

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Macros MUST run for ProAPOD to function correctly. How you get them to run will depend on the way your macro settings are currenty selected in Excel's Trust Center. Here are three ways you can enable macros. You only need to do this once.

1. When Opening ProAPOD

If a Security Warning dialogue appears asking for you to enable macros while opening ProAPOD, do the following:

  • Check "Always trust macros from this publisher"
  • Click "Enable Macros"
enable content

2. After Opening ProAPOD

If you missed the first step (or weren't given the option) than after opening ProAPOD look for the yellow bar and do the following:

  • Click "Enable Content"
  • Next, if given the option, check "Always trust macros from this publisher"
enable content

3. Manually

If neither of the above options are available then your Excel Security Setting is probably set too high for the option to accept macros in ProAPOD. After opening ProAPOD do the following from Excel's toolbar.

Step One:

  • Click "File" to open menu
  • Click "Options"
file options

Step Two:

  • Click "Trust Center"
  • Click "Trust Center Settings..."
excel options

Step Three:

  • Click "Macro Settings"
  • Select "Option 3" or "Option 4"
  • Check "Trust access..."
  • Click "OK"
trust center

Step Four:

  • Close ProAPOD (be sure Excel is also closed)
  • Reopen ProAPOD using your desktop icon