In some cases, these support videos show earlier software versions, so you may see variations in appearance. Not to worry. Same rules.

Forms & Features

  • The Flash-form tool
    The Flash-form is a feature in Executive 10 that makes it easy for you to evaluate the returns on real estate investment property without filling in all the forms. So it's an ideal way to compare multiple properties quickly (3:27 min).
  • The Price Analyzer
    An innovative tool in Agent 6 and Executive 10 that easily enables you to determine a rental income property value based upon various rates of return and rental income scenarios. A great way to enlighten buyers and sellers (6:25 min).
  • The Photo Function
    The dynamic one-click photo function included in all ProAPOD software solutions make it very easy for you to post property pictures in your real estate analysis presentations (5:33 min).
  • The Rent Roll Report
    A look at the special rent roll report available to you in ProAPOD (05:40 min).
  • The Sensitivity Analysis
    How to create the Price and Down Payment Sensitivity Analysis reports included in all ProAPOD investment real estate software solutions (06:27 min).

Resolving Issues

  • How to Grant File Permission
    You MUST grant yourself "permission" to work with the ProAPOD program folder in order to save your projects. You can resolve in less than three minutes.


  • ProAPOD Overview
    Some of the many features and functions included in the ProAPOD software solutions are explained and illustrated (5:44 min).
  • Getting Started with ProAPOD
    Why we suggest you complete the User form before you create your first real estate analysis project (4:02 min).

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