How Investment Real Estate Software Does Benefit

jim kobzeff

Feb 2, 2014

During my thirty years experience as a realtor I was primarily engaged in the listing and sale of investment real estate – both residential multifamily and commercial real estate.

It's baffling to me, therefore, that brokers and investors likewise engaged with real estate investing commonly ignore the true benefits they can derive by using investment real estate investment software.

During most of my realtor tenure, software, of course, wasn't an option. But given the recent advent of computers and onslaught of real estate software programs, there's little excuse for anyone who services income-producing property to ignore the advantages of using some investment real estate software solution to support their business activity.

Why will be explained in this article. But first I must include a disclaimer to assure you of my intention.

"As a developer of investment real estate software myself, I want to assure you that this article is not meant to campaign for my software. I want merely to focus on the concept of investment software so you can consider the various benefits that you can gain by taking advantage of one."

Okay, so to begin with, let's validate my argument for software by looking at what prompts real estate investors to make an investment property decisions.

Unlike a home buyer, real estate investors purchase the numbers. The desirability of any real estate investment depends on the cash flows, rates of returns, and overall profitability of the property. For this reason then, it just makes sense that you cannot adequately invest in, service or market rental property without calculating and presenting the financial data that reflects those numbers.

With that said, let me point out how a quality investment real estate software solution can help you achieve that objective with maximum desired results, minimal effort, and little to no real estate investing experience or expertise.

1. You don't have to learn the formulas. Quality real estate investing software typically programs the formula calculations in. Therefore, the crucial cash flows, rates of return and other essential data are computed automatically.

2. You never need to wonder about what data to include. If you're inexperienced, you don't have worry that you've omitted some key measure or return required for someone to make a prudent investment decision. In most cases, you simply complete a form and you're ready to print and present.

3. You get the necessary reports. The quality and number of reports included in various software solutions do fluctuate and therefore requires careful examination before purchasing. That said, though, the idea is that investment real estate software is typically designed so you can create meaningful cash flow analysis and marketing presentations needed for investing, colleagues and lenders.

4. You can input your numbers. Rather than just accepting the numbers presented to you by a seller, you can input whatever financial data that you deem more realistically reflects the property's financial performance. The result could uncover either a great investment opportunity or one to walk away from.

5. You're always prepared. Whether you're an investor interested in a particular apartment complex or a realtor fielding an office building inquiry, you're always ready to conduct a real estate investment analysis on-the-spot. The result could mean you gain an opportunity rather than lose it.

6. You boost your image. Brokers and realtors especially gain the advantage of appearing more professional to customers and colleagues when they are adequately equipped with the proper real estate software to service rental income property and real estate investors. The result could mean renewed future business.

7. You can start immediately. Most investment real estate software solutions can be downloaded from the web. That means you can start creating rental property analysis and marketing presentations right after you make your purchase. So your real estate investing activity is really just a few clicks away.

james kobzeff author

James Kobzeff
Jim is a former realtor with over thirty years real estate investment property experience. He is the developer of ProAPOD's real estate investment analysis software solutions.